Big Leaf Maple Hybrid Cast Sphere


Completed: January 2018

This sphere is turned from a small piece of big leaf maple burl that has been cast in alumilite resin, to make use of what would otherwise be a piece of wood too small to be useful. This is my first attempt at a sphere, and as such there are a few missteps or opportunities in it. First, I used too much dye which made the resin part more opaque than I wanted but it did allow for a very interesting white glow where the wood meets the resin. I also failed to use the resin before the end of its shelf life, which causes the “B” part to turn into an almost gel like substance. This issue was easily solved by putting the jug in a hot water bath to return it to a thinner consistency (learned that afterwards). The higher viscosity led to small voids which I actually like and they really add something unique to the piece. The base is just a small piece of oak

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