Cherry Desk

Completed: November 2016

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This desk is made almost entirely of locally harvested Florida cherry. My wife wanted a new desk and I was tired of buying a new desk every few years so I built this one. One criteria was to make sure that there were not a lot of deep drawers to reduce the accumulation of junk. Since she was using only a laptop, it did not have to be very deep. I used some character rich boards for the top which included some knots that I filled with black dyed epoxy and also included some sapwood for interest. The slides are made in an i-beam type construction in order to transfer the weight of the drawers away from the thin apron frames. The drawer stops are also shop made and designed by me. They are gravity activated and cut thin to break before the rails on the apron of the desk. The drawers are made with machine cut half-blind dovetails up front and housed dados in the back. The front apron and drawers were all cut from one piece to maintain grain match. The wife is very pleased with this one so mission accomplished. Enjoy and please comment if you feel so compelled.

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