Ipe Shower Bench

Completed: July 2017

This project is off the Honey-Do list, my wife had requested a shower bench some time ago. About a year and a half ago, I set out to get this done for Valentines Day but it kept getting put off by other projects. It is now finally complete and she is very happy with it (not so happy with the wait for it). The piece is constructed of ipe, a very dense wood that is naturally resistant to water, rot, and pests. All joinery is mortise and tenon with the exception of the bottom shelf which is dadoed into the legs. The mortice and tenons in the seat and the bottom shelf were cut using a bench top mortiser and table saw. The joinery for the legs to apron were made via Festool Domino. All joints were glued together with Titebond III. The seat slats are softly contoured for comfort. The contours were cut on the bandsaw, gang clamped, and faired smooth with a card scraper. The tow end slats share the same contour on the inside edge but are square on the outside. The seat also features a very gentle curve on both sides and the two outer slats sit outside the base to create a place for washcloths. This bench is heavy and built to last many years.

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