Shou Sugi Ban Coffee Table

Completed: March 2017

This table was commissioned for a retirement gift. Made of pine and spalted pecan. The idea was to make a “rustic” table, which was new for me. So I used a technique known as Shou Sugi Ban, a process by which the material is heavily charred with fire in order to give the base an aged weathered look as well as impart color. After charring the material it was wire brushed to produce an interesting texture. The piece is finished with several coats of satin lacquer.

Turned Box with Finial

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Completed: April 2017

This piece came about literally in “pieces”.  I started the base portion several months ago, followed by the lid a month or so ago, and finally the finial several days ago.  The piece of oak that was used for the base was saved from a local arborists chipper. It had some very nice mineral staining and I thought it might make a nice small bowl. After completing the bowl portion, I felt like the piece needed a lid so I selected a piece of moderately spalted maple and set about making the lid.  I then selected a piece of pink ivory (I didn’t know what it was at first) to attempt my first real finial. The hole in which the finial is mounted went completely through the lid and I was originally going to just level off the post from the finial but decided at the last minute to turn a small button to give the piece a little something extra when the lid was opened. After completion, I looked at the finial and noticed for the first time that it closely resembled the silhouette of a bird.

Small Boxelder Bowl


Completion: 2017

This bowl is made of wood from a boxelder tree that came down during Hurricane Matthew  in 2016. The tree contained an incredible amount of the beautiful red coloration that you see in the picture. The blueish/gray colors appeared after turning. It is approximately 8″ round and 3″ tall

Live Edge Decayed Cherry Bowl

Completed: December 2016

This bowl is turned from a piece of Florida cherry. This is an excellent example of the fact that you never know what you’re gonna get in woodturning. AT the start I had no idea that the rot in this piece was so extensive. Once discovered, I was certain that it would not produce a completed bowl but I persisted and after several turning sessions this was the result.

Wedding Advice Box

Completed: Dec 2016

This box was commissioned recently for a wedding. As guests arrived they would write notes to the newlyweds and place in this box.  The box is made of figured crotch walnut for the lid panel and walnut with sapwood for the body. There is a four corner grain match happening on the body of the box. The lid lift is made of curly maple and there are rare earth magnets for the closure mechanism. This is my first use of quadrant hinges (very stressful installation). I am quite pleased with the outcome on this one.

Trash Bin Rollout

Completed: September 2013

This commission was another challenging one. The job was to create a rollout trash bin in a space that was too small for a rollout trash bin that had to fit into a space that was already existing and match existing cabinetry. The first issue was that the space was not wide enough for a cabinet so I couldn’t put sides on it. I had to build up a beefy base that was screwed into to the floor and the face frames were screwed into the existing face frames as normal. The rollout operates on semi concealed full extension ball-bearing slides. The raised panel door and face frames were made of red oak (to match existing millwork). This project was very successful, customer (and particularly his wife) was extremely pleased.

Collapsible Cake Pop Stand

Completed: June 2013

This project was commissioned by some one who makes cakes and caters events. they needed something that could hold a lot of cupcakes and cake pops while also having the flexibility to handle cakes. Most of all it needed to be portable, having the ability to break down into a small and manageable size for transporting from event to event. These are the kinds of projects that I live for, the kind that make you think. My turning skills were not great then but I did what I could do with the column sections and put a threaded insert in one end and a hanger bolt in the other. There is also a tenon on each end which helps with stability. Since the stand was to be used with cakes as well as cake pops and cupcakes, I drilled holes in one side of each disk and left one side smooth. This turned out very well and the owner found it very useful.

Sweet Gum Live Edge Bowl

Completed: November 2016

This bowl was made of a crotch section of a sweet gum tree that was brought down during Hurricane Matthew in Central Florida. I was driving by and couldn’t resist picking up some of this wood. The bowl was turned green and allowed to warp after which it was hand sanded and finished.

“Old School” Doll Desk

Completed: November 2015

This is a old school styled student desk for 18″ dolls. I started making these when a friend of the family requested that I make one for her daughter to paint. The first one was made of pine and I felt that it was successful enough that I should make one out of hardwood. This one is made of cherry hardwood.

Camphor Live Edge Bowl

Completed: November 2016

This live edged bowl is made of camphor which was saved from the chipper. My friend Curt has a keen ear for the sound of tree chippers. He rescued this piece and many others from the chipper that day.