Sewing Table


Completed: July 2017

This sewing table was commissioned by a lady that knew exactly waht she wanted in a sewing table but was unable to locate it through retails sources. She wanted a table that was small enough to fit in the space she had but large enough to utilize that space well with a flip up extension that didn’t need to be cleared off to use (most sewing table leaf extensions flip over the top).

I went to the clients place and took some measurements and set about designing the piece you see here. The entire project is made of poplar and stained with a colonial maple stain. There was some dark streaks in the top that I was unsure about initially but have come to love the character that it adds. The leaf is attached with stiff leaf hinges and supported by an excellent folding mechanism from Rockler. The stiffness of the hinges keep the leaf from slamming down when released and the folding support’s one handed operation makes for a smooth folding experience without worry of the leaf slamming down or the mechanism pinching fingers.

The front apron including the drawers were all cut from one piece which provides a grain match across the front (not overly noticeable after staining but worth a mention). The drawers are constructed with locking rabbet joinery and the plywood bottoms are dadoed in. The drawer slides are shop made as well. The legs on this unit feature a stopped chamfer on the outside corner and short tapers at the base on the two inside faces. The lower shelf is a full 1″ thick (like the top) for strength as she intends to store an extra embroidery machine down there as well for visual continuity.

The client reported back that she loved this piece and that her husband was really impressed. I love it when clients are so pleased!

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