Turned Box with Finial

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Completed: April 2017

This piece came about literally in “pieces”.  I started the base portion several months ago, followed by the lid a month or so ago, and finally the finial several days ago.  The piece of oak that was used for the base was saved from a local arborists chipper. It had some very nice mineral staining and I thought it might make a nice small bowl. After completing the bowl portion, I felt like the piece needed a lid so I selected a piece of moderately spalted maple and set about making the lid.  I then selected a piece of pink ivory (I didn’t know what it was at first) to attempt my first real finial. The hole in which the finial is mounted went completely through the lid and I was originally going to just level off the post from the finial but decided at the last minute to turn a small button to give the piece a little something extra when the lid was opened. After completion, I looked at the finial and noticed for the first time that it closely resembled the silhouette of a bird.

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