Big Leaf Maple Hybrid Cast Sphere

  Completed: January 2018 This sphere is turned from a small piece of big leaf maple burl that has been cast in alumilite resin, to make use of what would otherwise be a piece of wood too small to be useful. This is my first attempt at a sphere, and as such there are a … Continue reading Big Leaf Maple Hybrid Cast Sphere

Spalted Pecan Keepsake Box

  Completed: November 2017   This is a keepsake box made of spalted pecan with spalted maple splines. The walls on this box are right at 3/8” which really lends itself to the display quality of the box, from the top of the box disappears and the contents take center stage. The wood has enough … Continue reading Spalted Pecan Keepsake Box

Sewing Table

  Completed: July 2017 This sewing table was commissioned by a lady that knew exactly waht she wanted in a sewing table but was unable to locate it through retails sources. She wanted a table that was small enough to fit in the space she had but large enough to utilize that space well with … Continue reading Sewing Table

Lady Bug Counting Puzzle

  Completed: June 2017 These puzzles were made as a birthday gift for a friends little girl. They were inspired by a project on posted by Sheila Landry. From the moment I saw these, I wanted to make some but had no reason to (all my kids are much too old for this sort … Continue reading Lady Bug Counting Puzzle

Wedding Advice Box

Completed: Dec 2016 This box was commissioned recently for a wedding. As guests arrived they would write notes to the newlyweds and place in this box.  The box is made of figured crotch walnut for the lid panel and walnut with sapwood for the body. There is a four corner grain match happening on the … Continue reading Wedding Advice Box