Sewing Table

  Completed: July 2017 This sewing table was commissioned by a lady that knew exactly waht she wanted in a sewing table but was unable to locate it through retails sources. She wanted a table that was small enough to fit in the space she had but large enough to utilize that space well with … Continue reading Sewing Table

Kitchen Occasional Table

Completion: July 2017 This table was commissioned by a co-worker for his mother. All the dimensions were determined by the the client including the unusual height. When designing this table, I decided to use long tapers on the inside edges of the legs to give the table less of a blocky look and feel. The … Continue reading Kitchen Occasional Table

Shou Sugi Ban Coffee Table

Completed: March 2017 This table was commissioned for a retirement gift. Made of pine and spalted pecan. The idea was to make a "rustic" table, which was new for me. So I used a technique known as Shou Sugi Ban, a process by which the material is heavily charred with fire in order to give … Continue reading Shou Sugi Ban Coffee Table