Spalted Tamarind Hollow Form

Completed: April 2018 I can see why hollow forms are so addictive. I really enjoyed this one. I think I will be doing more pieces along these lines going forward. If I had it to do again, I would have added some darker.accents around the base of the piece or something like that. I guess … Continue reading Spalted Tamarind Hollow Form

Small Boxelder Bowl

  Completion: 2017 This bowl is made of wood from a boxelder tree that came down during Hurricane Matthew  in 2016. The tree contained an incredible amount of the beautiful red coloration that you see in the picture. The blueish/gray colors appeared after turning. It is approximately 8" round and 3" tall

Live Edge Decayed Cherry Bowl

Completed: December 2016 This bowl is turned from a piece of Florida cherry. This is an excellent example of the fact that you never know what you're gonna get in woodturning. AT the start I had no idea that the rot in this piece was so extensive. Once discovered, I was certain that it would … Continue reading Live Edge Decayed Cherry Bowl

Sweet Gum Live Edge Bowl

Completed: November 2016 This bowl was made of a crotch section of a sweet gum tree that was brought down during Hurricane Matthew in Central Florida. I was driving by and couldn't resist picking up some of this wood. The bowl was turned green and allowed to warp after which it was hand sanded and … Continue reading Sweet Gum Live Edge Bowl