Big Leaf Maple Hybrid Cast Sphere

  Completed: January 2018 This sphere is turned from a small piece of big leaf maple burl that has been cast in alumilite resin, to make use of what would otherwise be a piece of wood too small to be useful. This is my first attempt at a sphere, and as such there are a … Continue reading Big Leaf Maple Hybrid Cast Sphere

Spalted Tamarind Hollow Form

Completed: April 2018 I can see why hollow forms are so addictive. I really enjoyed this one. I think I will be doing more pieces along these lines going forward. If I had it to do again, I would have added some darker.accents around the base of the piece or something like that. I guess … Continue reading Spalted Tamarind Hollow Form

Spalted Pecan Keepsake Box

  Completed: November 2017   This is a keepsake box made of spalted pecan with spalted maple splines. The walls on this box are right at 3/8” which really lends itself to the display quality of the box, from the top of the box disappears and the contents take center stage. The wood has enough … Continue reading Spalted Pecan Keepsake Box

Baby Name Blocks

Completed: June 2017 These baby name blocks were made for our neighbor's who recently gave birth to thier first child. The blocks are made of 6/4 poplar and painted with milk paint. The letters are actually laser engraved and also painted with white milk paint on the front. Th back of these blocks were left … Continue reading Baby Name Blocks

Colored Pencil Pot

  Completed: June 2017 This project came about due to the fact that several folks on Facebook shared this video with me of NZWoodworks on youTube making a lidded pot from colored pencils and resin. My version did not come out as expected, there are countless voids (empty spaces) in the resin around the pencils. … Continue reading Colored Pencil Pot

Lady Bug Counting Puzzle

  Completed: June 2017 These puzzles were made as a birthday gift for a friends little girl. They were inspired by a project on posted by Sheila Landry. From the moment I saw these, I wanted to make some but had no reason to (all my kids are much too old for this sort … Continue reading Lady Bug Counting Puzzle

Collapsible Cake Pop Stand

Completed: June 2013 This project was commissioned by some one who makes cakes and caters events. they needed something that could hold a lot of cupcakes and cake pops while also having the flexibility to handle cakes. Most of all it needed to be portable, having the ability to break down into a small and … Continue reading Collapsible Cake Pop Stand

“Old School” Doll Desk

Completed: November 2015 This is a old school styled student desk for 18" dolls. I started making these when a friend of the family requested that I make one for her daughter to paint. The first one was made of pine and I felt that it was successful enough that I should make one out … Continue reading “Old School” Doll Desk